What a great day PetFest was and what a wonderful job Miss Ivy Events did in organising the event. The wet weather was a bit of a shame but then again we do live in the UK so it’s to be expected and once again it was nice to see The Clay Factory being enjoyed by the public.

With each month that passes by we get ever nearer to our launch month and as promised we have some news for you regarding our activities. In life we sometimes find ourselves in instances where by we have exciting news we want to share with the world but have to hold back on account of not wanting to let the cat out of the bag before things are signed, sealed and delivered (how frustrating). Well we’ve been itching to let you all in on some exciting news for a while now.

Over the winter and spring months we have struck up a friendship with one of the largest independent arts organisations in Devon through RedPod Arts. The result of which is very exciting for not only The Clay Factory but for Ivybridge also.  Devon Arts Network is a membership organisation set up to promote artists and makers in Devon, annually hosting successful events and exhibitions.

They paid us a visit earlier in the year and were so bowled over by the work we’re doing with RedPod Arts that they have decided that their next art exhibition is going to take place at The Clay Factory in July which will hopefully attract artists from all over Devon. The news has been met with huge excitement by us and we hope it will be another event to not only get the town talking but people visiting our unique building once again.

But wait … the good news doesn’t stop there. We feel it would be a crying shame not to make the most of such a big opportunity so we can officially announce that RedPod Arts will be hosting an open studios event to run alongside the Devon Arts Network exhibition which will be a chance to meet our resident artists on site and see the fabulous work they do on a daily basis in Ivybridge.

July will be a busy month up at The Clay Factory as we will be opening our doors to the community to showcase what we have on offer at ‘the place up the lane by the big chimney’. There will be more good news about our exciting month to follow no doubt but until then thanks for reading.

Devon Art Network & RedPod Arts Open Studios will take place from Saturday July 22nd from 11am – 4pm as part of The Clay Factory’s Emergence month. Any general enquires regarding The Clay Factory can be sent to info@theclayfactory.co.uk

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