The Clay Factory Diaries – The Process of Coming Into Existence

It’s been an unbelievable month up at The Clay Factory, as I write this edition of The Clay Factory Diaries we are currently gearing up for what will be the final event of our Emergence month.  As you read this I hope that the sun is shining and I am sipping something cold in said sunshine as we recuperate from all the hard work that’s gone into July.

We kicked things off with Meet Up & Mingle as we friends of The Clay Factory and RedPod Enterprises for a sneak peak at the building before our Emergence month in July.  As you all know we’ve been working extremely hard to finish the new work spaces in time for July and as we prepared to launch they were met with lots of enthusiasm from our guests.

For those that haven’t been out to us yet we have converted shipping containers and built funky work spaces that would be best described as tree house like in the heart of the building.  The spaces are filling up fast and they are already proving a worthy addition to the building.

A late addition to Emergence was RedPod Food Pop Up Lunches.  As the name suggests the idea literally popped up out of nowhere and we had a week to get the information out to the public.  It truly was a ‘build it and they will come moment’ and we were bowled over by how many people came out to eat what is undoubtedly some of the finest cuisine in the county (but don’t take my word for that you should pay us a visit soon).  The events were such a success that they look set to continue into the future so check our website and social media for more details.

And then… well then we are left with the present.  We are beavering away to set up the Devon Artist Exhibition and RedPod Arts Open Studios.  By the time you read this it will have been and gone but I am sure it will have been a success as it genuinely seems there is a real appetite for this project in Ivybridge and we can’t express our gratitude enough to those who have supported us not only during our Emergence month but from the moment we opened our doors.

The Clay Factory has emerged and we have even more exciting news to share with you next month, so stay tuned.

For more information on The Clay Factory events including RedPod Food Pop Up Lunches then visit or

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