The Clay Factory Diaries – The Ticking of Time


Since we first started writing The Clay Factory Diaries we have learnt many things. Just how lucky we are to have such a good relationship with The Ivybridge Magazine is one, what high regard the local community have for our historic building is another but if there is one thing we’ve learnt more than anything else, it is just how quickly time slips away from you. Especially when working on a project this large.


I remember sitting typing away as the wind bellowed through the rafters and we very confidently informed you of our plans to launch The Clay Factory in 2017 and before we knew it the days rolled by and well… Well here we are.


The building work is nearly done, we’ve had our first art exhibition of the year and all the components are nearly there to enable us to introduce The Clay Factory in its newest guise to the local community. It is a nearly but not quite moment. The plan is still the same, the doors will open in July for a string of open days and events but we’re just a whisker away from being able to share our plans with you properly.


But fear not, we still have lots going on to take us to July. Those of you who are familiar with events in Ivybridge will know of Miss Ivy Events and the fantastic events they hold. Well we’re very pleased to have Miss Ivy and her team up at The Clay Factory on May 6th for Miss Ivy’s Pet Fest which genuinely is shaping up to be a brilliant day for adults, children and four legged friends alike. On the day there will be pet related stalls, pet workshops, canine massage and dog shows. We’re looking forward to having Pet Fest up at The Clay Factory and hope you will join us up here for what will be a fun filled day.


Time will continue to tick away and in these busy times it can feel like such a bad thing but the plus point is that we’ll be talking with you again very soon (which is always nice). This time with more exciting news to share about July and events at The Clay Factory.


Miss Ivy’s Pet Fest is on Saturday May 6th from 10am – 5pm, for further information and ticket details please Any general enquires regarding The Clay Factory can be sent

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