What a start to the year! We have had it all up David’s lane … fog, wind, rain,
ice and even the odd snow flake.  Which makes it sound like we reside in
one of the most inhospitable places known to Ivybridge but we like to think it
all adds to the atmosphere ‘up the lane by the big chimney’. In fact as I write
this edition of The Clay Factory diaries I’m watching the clouds roll over the
moors in a very moody and evocative way.

So what’s on the agenda this month?  Well quite simply we’re talking
about the unique spaces we have contained within the walls of The Clay
Factory and how they could benefit the community and the people that live
in and around Ivybridge.

For those of you that don’t know (as well as our artists studios, self contained offices and workshop spaces) we have meeting rooms, conference spaces and training facilities up at The Clay Factory that can be used for local businesses and also for members of the community who might want to put on a community event or need somewhere to run their community group.

The Clay Factory site was once a central part of the community and we genuinely want to put this truly unique space back at the heart of that community so we’re asking you to come forward with your ideas of how you could use the spaces to benefit the people of Ivybridge and the surrounding areas.

The clouds are still rolling over the moors as I write, the wind has picked up though and is serenading me as I prepare to say ‘that’s all folks’.  What a great place to
spend some time pondering all that’s good in the world!!!

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