It’s hard to imagine that in little over a month’s time the landscape and scenery will be fully awake with the features of spring, indeed, those with the keenest of eyes will have already spotted the signs of spring that little bit earlier.  Rogue daffodils are beginning to spring up from the frosty ground, keen to make those that see them feel that little bit warmer in the last of the winter months.  Speaking of warmth, the sun has begun to shine on the odd occasion tricking human and animal alike into thinking those winter winds and frosts are a thing of the past.

It’s a similar picture up at The Clay Factory, where things are starting to take shape as the building awakens from the winter slumber.  Work is well underway on Phase 2 of RedPod Arts as shipping containers have been arriving in the dead of night ready to be transformed into functional and stylish work space for the next cohort of tenants moving into our beloved building.  The commercial kitchen is having the finishing touches completed and our RedPod Food chef is itching to get in there cooking up seasonal dishes.

If there is one thing we’ve learnt this winter it is that the best laid plans sometimes take a little longer than expected to come to fruition.  In life as in nature it is sometimes tempting to be the ‘rogue daffodil’ sprouting up before your time is due.  Well with that in mind I guess you could say The Clay Factory is nearly ready to sprout and we hope to be sharing with you our exciting plans for spring and beyond as the seasons change from winter to spring.

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