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      The past gives way to the emergence of the new

      Emergence at The Clay Factory is a month of events to celebrate the official launch of our unique building as a destination for arts, events & enterprise.

      We have been working with this inspiring building since the winter of 2015, during that time we have hosted several events, renovated offices providing much needed facilities for local enterprises and established our flagship art studios RedPod Arts.

      It’s always been our plan to create a community that is a shining light for the local area, a destination that people will want to work from but also spend their leisure time in.  Since that winter in 2015 it’s taken us some time to to take the necessary steps to put us in a position to launch The Clay Factory to the wider world.

      Now is the time for our Emergence…

      When:               July 2017
      Where:              Redlake Ind Estate, PL21 0EZ
      What:                Various Events