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      From Inputs To Outputs & Outcomes

      RedPod Research utilises collaborative community based research to enable individuals, communities and organisations to develop, aspire and thrive.

      We know it’s not always easy to unravel the work you do given the demands of keeping going on a day to day basis.  Understanding better what you do and the difference it makes can help you be the best you can be in today’s rapidly changing climate.

      Collaborative Research & Working Is Our Passion

      We are working in an ever demanding environment where there’s a compelling need to bring change to people’s lives within ever shrinking time and financial constraints. We know you are all striving to deliver the best service and the best outcomes for all those you work with, but could you do this better.

      Whether you need a one off focus group, questionnaire design, a theory of change or some basic training about evaluation or just a chat about anything else relating to community based research – contact us!  This is only some of what we do, we are happy to meet with you to talk through your community research needs.

      We can do a little or a lot.  Our fees are adjusted accordingly.

      What Community Based Research Means To Us?

      We define community based research in terms of it: originating in the community and being carried out in community settings; being collaborative; providing a platform for community intelligence and voices; being able to influence positive social change.

      An ethical and collaborative approach is central to all we do.  We strive to achieve recognition for community based knowledge and scholarship, and its value in influencing change

      What We Can Help You With

      We have a range of skills and experience we can bring to collaborative working in the following areas:

      Focus Groups

      We can assist you with carrying out focus groups or aid you with your interviewing.


      We are well versed in undertaking traditional & creative approaches to evaluation tasks.


      Data analysis using statistical packages for social sciences or needs analysis of specific populations.


      From market research to participatory action research, we will guide you through.


      Project development, collaborative working or staff development via training.


      Tap into our knowledge exchange & our networks to help your project or organisation grow.


      Contact us and arrange an appointment at a time and place convenient to you – we find coffee shops generate good discussion.

      Contact us now at the flooding email redpodresearch@theclayfactory.co.uk or call us on 01752 466470 now.